Sunday, June 28, 2009


Salam semua..

Felt Cabin dibuka semula setelah dua minggu bercuti.

Kepada sesiapa yang ada membuat tempahan dari Felt Cabin, tempahan anda akan dipost pada hari Selasa 30 Jun 2009, InsyaAllah.

Maaf diatas sebarang kelewatan dan terima kasih kerana sudi menunggu selama 2 minggu.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Book Cover - EDITTED

Hello peeps.

Another book cover sewn by me, ordered from Hazieqqah.

Stripey book cover with cuppycake bookmark.

As usual, this book cover is perfect for novel size 4.5" x 7.5".

Handembroidered BEFORE BEFORE

A.RA.SHI cuppycakeBEFORE

I made some changes on the book cover.

New look!!

New cuppycake

Inside I

Inside II

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Book Cover

Salam semua.

Lagi book cover..
Sama seperti book cover tempahan Cik Rozy..

Size adalah untuk novel Alaf21

Dan juga..
Handphone cosy tempahan Cik Zati..

Handphone cosy ni, tidak dibuka untuk tempahan buat masa ini.
Bukan apa, malas je nak jahit handphone cosy ni.
Tgh bermain dgn design handphone cosy dan prototypenya.

Terima kasih Misses.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Book Cover

Salam semua.

Another customize book cover ordered from Rozy.

She wants it to be in black,pink and purple. Sekbaik ada kaler-kaler ni.
So, instead of jahit 'bodo-bodo' je, I try to patch the fabrics.

First, I don't really like the result of my patching fabrics, but after everything completed, I think the patched book cover is not bad maybe because of the pink colours. *wink*

This book cover is for Notebook A5 size.


The price is lil' bit different RM20.
(Harga berubah mengikut saiz book cover)

Thanks Rozy. Hope you'll satisfied with my work.

Interested with this book cover, just email me at

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book Covers


Hope all of you are in a good mood today coz I am right now.
Just finish everything - sewing the bookmarks, packaging and bla..bla..

So, have a look on the book covers ordered by Miss BeauBargain @ Miss Ayu, Miss Dayang and Kak Husna (Miss too. Hehe..)

Hope all of you like the book cover.

This is Miss BeauBargain's book cover.
" BerryButton"
The size is for Alaf21 novels.

This is book cover for Dayang with cupcake bookmark.
This book cover, the size is 13cm x 20cm. A lil big for Alaf21 novels.

And this is for Kak Husna.
Just a simple book cover for her. And I sewn her name inside.

I have one more book cover left. If you are interested to buy the book cover, email me at Since the bookmark is not done yet, you can put your name on the bookmark or etc. Just let me know.

Thank you Misses.