Monday, December 7, 2009

Key Chains,Tote Bags and External Hard Disk Covers

Hello dears,
After long of silence
At last...
I've got some times to sew.

Today is my last day of 2 weeks holiday.
During these 2 weeks, I've done a lot of ordered.
There are key chains, bags and external hard disk covers.

I'm really happy but in the same time I'm sad.
This might be my last entry for felt cabin.
I'll not be able to sew anymore after this (maybe for 4-5 months)
I'll start my final semester of final year this week.
I should focus more in this semester because I need to finish my dissertation in 4 months.

So, here are the items I've sewn during my holiday.
Have a look.

Key chains

Loves Me Not



Kokoeshi Doll
It tooks me 2 days to finish sewing this bag.
Sewing the bias was the complicated part ever.

Simple Tote Bag

External Hard Disk Covers


Thank you for your purchase.