Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Charmylicious Book Cover

Suitable for novel size of 11.5cm(wide) x 18cm-18.4cm (height) x 2.5cm-3.5cm (depth)
i.e.: Novel Alaf 21. (Please ensure the size of your novel first before place any orders)
Materials Used:
Assorted cotton fabrics, Glittering Charms, Buttons & Lace.
Price: RM19.90 (excluding postage)
Item No.: OST 100422002
Inside - {front}

Inside - {back}

You are the star in my life ^^

Email me at if you wanna make it yours.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saranghaeyo Musyhlicious Handphone Charms

Introducing to all of you my dear {OST} Cabin visitors, Saranghaeyo Musyhilicious Handphone Charms. Cute isn't it ? ^__^

Pinkienina Mushylicious

Hello Kitty Charm
Orenjielina Mushylicious
Glittering Pink Guitar Charm
'Sarangheayo Musyhlicious' One Happy Family
Price: RM9.90
Measurement: 4.5cm (w) x 5cm (h)
Interested to make it yours, do email me at

Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo Shoot 사랑해요 ^.^

Coming soon~~


Hello my dear friends, lovely customers and loyal visitors...

As previously announced on 5th May 2010, Felt Cabin now will
be running under the new label which is ONLY SWEET THINGS or
in short known as {OST} Cabin. Therefore, I have changed the old URL tothe new URL -

I'am really sorry for any inconvenience occurred due to this re-branding process. Any inquiries just email me at

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Take Me Away Bag

Take Me Away Bag

Done!! Thank you 'Mr. Moodish'. After so long you got into hiding, yesterday you were back. Seriously yesterday, I am fully occupied. From morning till night. From sewing till cleaning the bag. I am feeling good because it was pending orders.

This is the new design, not by me of course. I bought the pattern from The diagrams look simple but don't judge a book by its cover. Maybe because I am a beginner, so it is quite complicated at first. I hate to spend a lot of time sewing the bottom curves but once I got the tricks how to sew it properly, it is not that hard. Experience is a good teacher if we want to learn something new, isn't it?? ^^

Handle me with care ^^

Spacious enough

Take Me Away Bag. This bag is quite large and spacious which is perfect for holding all your little-precious-stuffs. Besides, can be used as grocery bags too!

Assorted cotton fabrics
Velcro closure
Small pocket inside
Cotton lining with interface
Approximate size is 16" (h) x 21" (l) x 5.5" (w) @ 40.64cm x 53.34cm x 13.97cm.

Small pocket

Handmade by Me ^__^

Enjoy!! And thank you again Sarah.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh Award...

I received this award from Cik Mistry. 정말 고마워요~~ (Cheongmal gomawoyo ^^). I just stumbled upon her blog few days ago and yesterday, she dropped a message, asking me to grab this award at her blog. Very nice indeed.

Thus, what should I do now? Hmm...

Terms and condition for this award:
  1. Thank and link the person that give you this award.
  2. Pass this award to all blogger u've discovered.
  3. Contacts said blogs and let them know they've won this award.
  4. State 7 things about yourself. Q1 - DONE Q2 Q3 - DONE Q4 - 7 Things about myself.
  1. I loved sewing.
  2. In love with Korean stuffs - dramas, language, songs, actors, singers, fonts, etc...
  3. Just completed her studies after 6 years of hardworking -___-"
  4. Likes to collect cute stuffs - stickers especially.
  5. Dreaming a lot!!
  6. I am left-handed.
  7. Pink and olive green are my favourite colors.
Hooyeah! DONE.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

050510 Happy Birthday..

.. to me!!!

Yup, today is my birthday!! I am 24 years old now.
Happy? No.
Sad? No.
So so? Yes.

A lot!!!

I wanna make more sweet cute thingy....
I wanna sew and sew and sew and....
I wanna be more creative....
I wanna make lot of money....
I wanna....
I wanna.....
I wanna......

Can't list down all the wishes here.

I have something for all of you but please bear with me.

And one more thing...
I have waited for months and I would like to make an announcement...
Starting from today, 050510...
Only Sweet Things {OST} is an official name for this blog.
It is hard to make this decision but this is the right moment to make a fresh start.
Last but not least, wish me luck~~