Monday, November 29, 2010

Silence : Reason One

Why am I sooooo quite these days??

Reason One

Nicely arranged only for the photography session ^^
Don't fall for it. It's a mess once I start my 'mission'

Colorful Lollipops. I'm addicted!! Keep making more and more.

Key to My Heart : Hp Strap & Keychain


How's your weekend? Mine was great. I attended my friend's wedding on Saturday.

Another picture to share with all of you out there. Before this, I used this design for my bookmark designed and named it - 'Key to My Heart'. But few moons :) back, I received an email from my loyal customer requested 'Key to My Heart' but version handphone strap and keychain. So, here is the picture.

Thank you once again!

Friday, November 26, 2010

6 pieces of Jumeoni

Hello crafters. Hello bloggers. Happy Friday everyone! ^-^

Something simple to share today. I've made these during my silence. 6 pieces of Jumeoni for Sis Sabrina. Thank you for your patient as I took a very loooong time to complete her orders. (Hmm...the momentum to write is soooooo slow and the ideas just didn't popped-up in my mind.)

2 pieces for each designs - pink, cream and baby blue Jumeoni. Cute little houses and the black cat.

Have a look!!

Ready to go!!

Thank you once again Sis Sabrina :)

p/s: For the specification - size & price, click here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quilling Frame : Convocation

Salam and Hello...

Weeks of silence but I'm busy. I'm trying hard to complete all the bulk orders. So, since I have some free time now, I would like to share my works. This was requested by my friend. Five (5) pieces of photo frames and embellished with simple quilling flowers. I really enjoyed doing this!!

Let the pictures talk *smile*.

I have more projects done to be shared with [only.sweet.thing] readers. Will try to post it soon.

And to my childhood friend, thank you!!