Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free T-Money Card - Travel to Seoul, Korea

Sapa-sapa yang planning nak ke Seoul on July, August dan September 2011, silalah dapatkan free T-Money card dimana fungsinya adalah sama seperti T n Go card. Guna untuk naik subway, bus, beli barang dekat certain shops etc. Dengan T-money, dapatlah jimat sikit.

For more information and how to redeem this card, visit this website - Sesungguhnya saya jealous kerana saya tak pernah bercadang nak pergi time summer. Hihi... Saya suka winter dan kalau ada rezeki, nak pergi lagi time autumn or early spring.

Visit Korea Year 2010-2012! Baguskan cara KTO promote negara Korea dan events yang merak anjurkan . Hehe... Saya pun dah menang 2 kali. Satu trip ke Korea dan satu lagi dapat pendrive 8GB kut kalau tak silap. See... semua pun bagi free. Itu belum jalan-jalan dekat sana. Kadang-kadang kedai kat sana pun bagi barang free bila kita beli barang dekat kedai diorang. Saya ingat ada one time tu saya beli gelang satu and dia tanya rambut panjang ke pendek, then owner tu bagi getah rambut.

So, cepat-cepat. Redemption start July.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Travel Chalk Mat


Good day everyone.

Just wanna let you know especially those with little kids... if you are looking for Travel Chalkmat - a piece of chalkcloth on one side, colorful fabric on the other, do visit Iggumiyeyo for more details.

And for those who don't know what Chalkmat is, actually it is "a specially coated vinyl that works in the same way as a regular chalkboard" (K&F Shops) or also known as chalkcloth.

Grab it fast! And email me at for purchase.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sweet Cupcake Roses

Sweet isn't it? I was googling for... err nothing. I just loved spending my time googling on the net and what I found today is this sweet cupcake roses. Lovely. Visit Make It Lovely for great tutorial.

Hmm... I kept collecting tutorials but never make one for myself. Soon Jaja soon~~

Picture from: Make It Lovely

Friday, June 24, 2011


What is Iggumiyeyo? Err... Another blog of mine. Still under construction mode. Not much posting. I am trying to write again after sooo long (ye, semalam pun bercakap perihal menulis di blog).

A new start, perhaps.
A new journey, perhaps.
A new dream, perhaps.
Perhaps~ perhaps~ perhaps~

Have you ever listened to a song that has this lyric "Perhaps~ perhaps~ perhaps~". An old song if I'm not mistaken.

A new dream? Dream is my favorite word! (tiba-tiba). Will see how I'll do it. For time being, I'm lost.

Find me at Iggumiyeyo and do drop to know what is Iggumiyeyo means. Till then. Annyeong ^^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can you guess what is this?

Yum yum!~~

Hello crafters! Hello readers!

These days, I'm not interested to play with felt anymore. It's not that I don't have the time, I do have plenty but it just.... after so long, I found it's not interesting anymore. Haish~~

Besides, it's been months or maybe 5 months since I last sewing felt. Therefore, to start again take quite lot of effort from me (not only sewing but to write again is hard to do). I did take small orders but sometimes I have to force myself to finish it because... I'm not interested with felt anymore. Huhu....

Ok. Stop.

So, I wanna share something with you. Actually, it is 98% completed. Maybe need to force myself again. So, while waiting for the 100% finish product, can you guess what it is I'm trying to do?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tutorial - Shabby Ruffle Hairclip

Hello!! Happy weekend everyone.

So, do you have anything to do this weekend? No ideas for your itchy hands?

Why don't you try making this, Shabby Ruffle Hairclip. I found this tutorial by Sew Chatty while looking for other tutorials. Look simple, isn't it? Ah~~ I need to try it myself! Pink would be nice, right? No?

Happy crafting!!

Picture credit to: Sew Chatty

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Pattern - Three Layers Flower


Long time no see ^^. I'm back with a new pattern for hairclips and shawlclips.

Three Layers Flower.

See you again next time!!