Thursday, September 29, 2011

SOOQ Bazaar at Rasta TTDI

I will be in Rasta, TTDI this weekend (Saturday, 1st Oct ONLY) for SOOQ Bazaar. If you have nothing to do yet that day, do drop by and say hi to me *smile*. This is my 1st time joining a bazaar!! A bit nervous I must say.

I will bring my pretty posy headband, zipper poche (zipper bag) and some other little things.

Ok, got to go now. Still busy preparing some stuffs.

See you there!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Working Space

Having a spacious room as working space I believed is everyone's wishes. The same things happen to me. I want a spacious room where I can hide myself playing with clothes, scissor, sewing machine for hours. However, for the time being... wish is only a wish. A new house is very small with only 3 rooms all occupied by us (parent, older brother and me).

So, I did almost everything in my room - cutting, sewing, surfing, sleeping and sometime eating. Hmm... Eating while watching Korean drama on is heaven. Hehehe...

This is how my small table size 24" x 18" looks like with all my precious stuffs on it.

Cutting cloth for zipper bags. My laptop and sewing machine is moved to the back end of the table.

Ironing the interfacing. I did this when I am too lazy to use the iron board and the best part is I can sit and iron easily.

E to the N to the D. Bye! Thank you for reading. And if you don't mind, please share story about your working space.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tutti Frutti RM18

Okey, semua orang sibuk membicarakan kesedapan Tutti Frutti. Saya yang selalu ketinggalan zaman terganggu dengan bicara-bicara itu dan akhirnya Tutti Frutti bersaiz mangkuk yang kecil telah berjaya dinikmati dengan hati bahagia.

Licin, bukan? (Sila lihat gambarajah di atas baris bawah). Oleh kerna harganya yang melampaui batas, haruslah dinikmati sehingga licin. Saya makan seorang diri tanpa bantuan talian hayat. Talian hayat ada tapi beliau sakit tekak. Mungkin first time makan, muak tidak ada dalam kamus hidup ketika itu.

Saya nak makan Tutti Frutti lagi. Tata!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pesta Convo UKM dan Iggumiyeyo

Date: 22-27 September 2011

**booth Cintahati Craft

I have been silent for few days as I don't have any interesting stories to share. I just posted some of my works on the previous post and there are 2 more tote bags to be completed which I don't start yet.

This week from Monday till yesterday, I was busy making more stuffs for booth at UKM's Convocation Day. This is my first attempt to bring Iggumiyeyo to the public and I feel a bit worried about that. Hopefully everything is going well.

And not to forget, many thanks to Cintahati Craft for kindly enough to 'open' her booth for us, crafters to put our products there. I wish I could be there to watch the sales. HAHA... Worried. Worried.

I do not prepare much. Some stuffs are ready made stocks such as book covers, printed polkadot felt and pretty posy headbands. Then I made zipper bags, pretty posy brooches and lollipop hairclips.

So, if you are free or will be going to UKM to celebrate anyone's convocation, please visit Cintahati Craft's booth as Iggumiyeyo's products will be display there.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Totebag Make Your Life Easier Every Saturday

Phew~~ What a title. Hehe... Long one with 'tersirat' message. Haha...

I've once scolded a Bangladeshi worker because he didn't give me a plastic bag, instead he asked me 20 cents if I want the plastic bag. I still remembered I mengomel like this "Kalau tak nak bagi beg plastic toksah meniaga". Hohoho~~ Terasa diri adalah sangat bagus ketika itu T___T. Semasa hari kejadian, I don't know yet that Saturday is not the same day as others day.

After weeks... months... then I realized that actually Saturday is a NO PLASTIC BAG DAY!! Huahua... Katak duduk dalam tempurung memang begitu. Glad that there was nobody in the shop during that time. Kalau tidak, bikin malu sahaja. But story above is earlier this year and now I always remember that Saturday is a special day. Haha...

But one thing I always wonder, why don't they use paper bag on Saturday? Watching English movies, they use paper bag when shopping for groceries isn't? Err... tapi habis pula kena tebang pokok nak hasilkan kertas tapi ada baiknya juga sebab lebih mudah recycle.

Last but not least, the pictures show latest tote bags I made for my friends, the same person who ordered this I am A Ladygrapher tote bag. 3 tote bags with different wordings. Both I like - cupcakes and Korean words.

*Can you spot the difference between the 1st and 2nd pictures? *

Saranghaeyo ^^

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NEW!! Pretty Posy Headband RM16.90

A new product in line at last!!!

Pretty Posy Headband with colorful pretty zipper flower, embellished with button and some beads. Suitable for kids and adults.

Pictures below are headbands available for SALE.

Code: Yellow purple
Code: Orange
Code: Yellow pink
Code: Baby blue
Code: Dark yellow
Code: Red
Code: Pinky yellow
Code: Green apple
Code: Choco choco

I heart zipper sooooo much! How about you?

Price at RM16.90 each, and postage RM6, kindly email me at to order.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hari Raya: Istana Negara

Semangat! Tapi ini mungkin yang pertama dan mungkin juga yang terakhir. Berpeluh-peluh beratur semata-mata nak bersalaman dengan Yang Dipertuan Agong & Permaisuri. Err... padahal nak kotak biru tu je. Hehe...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oh Owl Bookmarks

Hi, hello eberibedih! How's your Raya and duit raya collection? Much, no? Little, no? Mine?? Sikit je. Hehe...

After a week of Raya's mode, let us switch on crafting's and working's mode back. I've been bitten by owl's bug weeks before Raya which as a result I made these two bookmarks. One is already sold to a return customer.

I named it {Owl}ways in Love. He's really in love with someone. Look at his eyes?? Cute isn't it?

Another one is Sleepy Owl. His hobby is sleeping day and nite. Hehe...

So, you are not reading your favorite novels alone anymore now. Mr Owls are very kind enough to be your companion after this. Hehe... Happy reading!

Note: I do also sell the bookmark hook if you wanna make it yourself. Just email me, ok.