Sunday, February 24, 2013


MAS is not having any sale or promotion at this moment while AA is currently on their last day of sales.

Er... I plan something for this coming May. I need a break after 2 months (March and April) of working non-stop without any public holiday (alasan). My mind already set for MAS (sebab ada sesuatu) but the truth is not always pleasant. I learnt my lesson today. LOL. But still I want to buy MAS (juga tu!!).

Er... AA is way... way much cheaper from MAS even after add-on items and luggage. But......

I don't want to waste my money but this is the only chance I could fly with MAS again (macam tak pernah naik MAS kan). I still afford to buy the ticket actually. Cuma bila tahu AA lagi murah, hati berbelah-bagi. Nak jiimatkan. Tapi rindu dekat KLIA. Hahah....

Sekali-sekala untuk kepuasan, kegembiraan diri sendiri tak salahkan?? Huhu.....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Passion,where are you?

Passion mungkin dah mati.
Cari, cari dan terus mencari tapi tak ketemu juga.
Rasanya hampir semua passion telah mati hanya disebabkan yang satu itu.
Kesian dengan diri sendiri.
Tak tahu nak buat macamana dah.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crispy Almond Flakes

Yummeh! Munchable. Keke.... Can't help but keep on munching and munching and munching... First time eating this in my whole life! Never seen it anywhere before. I think this cookie is popular during Chinese New Year. I bought mine from my office mate but the price is quite expansive! So being curious me, I google-ed here and there looking for the ingredients and.....jeng...jeng...jeng...found!!!

So, made this last Sunday. One happy girl in the house! Am considering to sell it in the future. Anyone wanna try it? I bet you will like it.

Note: oliveGreen is a new name I use for cooking, baking life. Haha...Bukan gambar curi ya :)