Saturday, March 5, 2016

이끌림 (Feat. 김고은) - 티어라이너 [치즈인더트랩 OST part 8]【Hangul/English】

Favorite song of 2016. Drama pun cuma ending kurang sikit tapi cerita dia best! Open ending tu yang frust banyak. LOL.

이끌림 (Feat. 김고은) - 티어라이너
Attraction (Feat. Kim Go Eun) - Tearline
(Cheese in the Trap / 치즈인더트랩 OST)

당신 가던 길을 가만 걸어봤어
내게 같은 의미일지 궁금해서다시 마음이 추워지는 밤이 오면모를 네 감정 같아서
문득 낯선 네 곁을 돌아봐네 옆의 나 나를 챙기는 너점점 익숙해져가는우리 마음처럼잘 그려지지가 않아
작은 한마디에 흔들리는나를 잡아주는 너라서모든 게 서툰 날따스히 대해준 너처음이라 어리숙한 날안아준 너라서
난 다시 멍해져먼지가 앉는다다시 먼지가 쌓인다아무도 기웃거리지 않는내 맘에 먼지가 앉는다
앞만 보며 달려오던 날잡아준 날 닮은 너네가 옆에 있어 맘이 놓여너의 웃는 모습에 나도 웃고 말아
가는 길에 기대감이오는 길에 허전함이쓸쓸함이더 오래 보고 싶어천천히 천천히너의 긴 그림자도 안아주고파
갑자기 내 안에 들어와밥 먹자던 그 낯선 모를 시선에난 빠져들어

English Translation 

I try walking silently on the road you walked
I wonder if you thought like me
The night comes again when my heart is getting cold
Like your feelings
Suddenly and strangely you came to me
You was beside me and took care of me
Like our heart that becomes familiar with each other
I can't describe these feelings
With that one word
You held my trembling hand
I was unfamiliar with everything but you treated me warm
Firstly, you embraced me when I was naive
My mind went blank again
Dust was falling
And gradually filling up
It covered everything
Dust is falling in my heart
I looked ahead and ran to you
You embraced me, you were like me
When you stand by me, my heart feels relieved
Your appearance when you smile makes me laugh
On the road I am walking, I have expectations
On the way, I am going to is empty and lonely
I miss the old days more
Slowly and slowly
I wanna embrace your long shadow
Hold you tight
I wanna embrace you
Suddenly you came to me and asked me to eat with you
Your unfamiliar appearance and your eyes made me fall in love

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