Friday, April 3, 2009



First of all,sorry for the lack of update.
I've been busy with something else and quite lazy to upload pictures from my camera to mr. lappie (gambar telah menajadi pekasam untuk seketika tp mujurlah tidak berbau masam @jelir)

So today I'm here to blog about one of the order I received last week (kalau tak silaplah...).
The order was requested by Kak Husna all the way from Sabah.
She asked me to sew words on the handkerchief.
Thus, I bought a baby blue handkerchief as she wish and sew the alphabets carefully.

A Happy Birthday Handkerchief for someone special.

Not to forget, she also requested love shape to be sew togather with the words.
So,as her wish, with combination colour of pink and purple felt
(sebab sy tahu Kak Husna suka kaler ungu)
I added the love shape on the handkerchief.

Glad she liked the handkerchief.

Thank you Akak.

If you wish to have one like this, just email me at

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