Sunday, August 2, 2009

Keychains,Book Cover, Hair Clips, Handphone Cosy



This week I would like to share with you lots of my new handmade stuffs
Ordered from used to be my neighbour.

Keychains with his friend's name.




Next is Berry Buttons Book Covers.
Ordered from Shireen
These are for A5 size Notebook.

At last, got the opportunity to make hair clips.

It is for lil' Maira.

Sweet Hair Clips

And the last item I wanna share with you is Handphone Cosy.
Right now I love to make the handphone cosy.
This is ordered from Maira's mommy.

Blacky Forest Handphone Cosy

So, thats all from me.
Thanks God. At last I managed to finish all these but still working with the diaper bag.
Thank you very much to EE n Kak Nita.

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