Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Part One, Done!!

Salam and hello everyone.

Yesterday, I've submitted my dissertation. Happy? No I'm not so sure. So-so. I can't celebrate it yet though I've managed to finish it on time. And I just don't feel to talk about it until the result is out. Too scared too say anything because anything might happen. But, I do hope for the best!!! Please pray for me ^^

I'm a free bird now but I still can't sew yet. 4 papers is waiting for me and I don't start any revision at all. I keep on surfing the net looking for something I can sew after this. And guess what, there are lot of pretty tutorials have already listed in my waiting list.

Ah~~ Can't wait anymore. Miss my sewing machine very much!!! And I need my money back because I wanna buy new fabrics. So, I should start sewing once everything is clean and clear. But I realized something, it is not easy to start my business back as I've been away for almost 5 months and there are many talented crafter out there -__-" Support me please... okay ^^

Last but not least, please wait for my comeback. Eceicei~~


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