Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Second Time on Quilling : Wedding Gift for My Bestfriend.

Hello people!! Another post of the day. Yeah, I'm in the mood of sharing something instead of producing something. All my posts posted previously were about items requested by customers but not this time.

Last weekend was my bestfriend's wedding. First in the group to tied-the-knot!! So, I made something for her. A simple wedding gift but made with love and the most important thing is, it was my second time on quilling!!

I've been thinking for couple of days what should I get as a wedding gift. Since I'm dying to make more quilling stuff, thus I end up with a picture's frame. A day before wedding's reception, I spend the whole day trying my best to turn the plain frame into something-not-so-plain. Hehe...

So, here is the not-so-plain frame made by me ^^.

With Mr. Singer as the background ^^

from: Jaja (It's me ^^)

The handmade invitation's card from the bride.
I just add ribbon and few words for them.

Last but not least....
Glad you like it!!

And once again, 'Selamat Pengantin Baru' my dear friend. I'm happy for both of you!! I still remembered the day when I had accompanied you to meet him few years back at Kinokuniya. And during that time we've just known each other for couple of months if I'm not mistaken. Thanks to Mr. Arabic Class (We're in the same Arabic class when we 1st entered Matriculation). Without him, we won't know each other, right ^^ ??

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