Monday, July 19, 2010

New Novels With New Bookmarks

Two new novels in the shelf (Okay, this picture doesn't show the shelf at all :p) after I made a decision for 'my future planning' somewhere last year which yet, I still don't know am I able to make it reals or not. But, at least I made the plans and all I need to do now is finding the way to accomplish it, rite? Well, my future planning is related with 'jangan-beli-benda-merepek-lagi' or in polite words, 'menabung untuk keperluan dimasa hadapan.' Hahaha...

I loved to read and I loved to sew. But nowadays, I don't read much as I don't want to waste my money but I last two weeks, I failed. So, I made new bookmarks to be used with the new novels. And if any of you by any chance stumbled upon my personal blogs, you will know that I'm learning Korean by myself. Not much by I can make some simple sentences now.

One bookmark with '자자' letters is my name - Jaja and the green words - '사랑해요' or pronounce as 'sa-rang-hae-yo' means ' I Love You' which the most popular word among K-pop lovers out there, I believed. I have no offence that Korean entertainment is one of the reason why I'm learning Korean right now but Korean characters also did the same on me. For me, some of the Korean characters/fonts are cute. So, that's how everything started. And I don't how long it would take for me to be mastered in Korean (I don't think I can be fluent with Korean actually, even I'm still struggling with my poor English) but at least I can read Korean now ^____^ 안녕~~

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