Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lightless - Piano Version

Source: mizutonaikura

I can't go back to loving what we had before
I can't go back to thinking that we will have more
The darkness of my heart, it burns deep inside me
Can't do anything when you're the one who had to leave

Don't say goodbye
Our memories will fly, soaring in the sky
Can't bring them back
My days are black
It's not a lie, I'll wait here till you're by my side

I can't smile I can't find I can't stop x2 lightless

You don't know what you have done to me
I'm standing alone
With the words you said to me
I wonder if there is still hope

I'm watching as your image in the distance subsides (ah ah ah ah)
My reflection sitting here cries (ah ah ah ah)
In this moment I know that I have lost my light

I cannot move, my heart is paralyzed
I'm standing still and darkness covers both my eyes
I'm flying blind but baby why did you leave me
I can't find the light when I wonder what we could be

La la la la lightless x7
What should I do 

My empty heart is on the shelf
I sit here as days go by talking to myself
You took my light, nothing feels right
I know that you'll return, waiting for your reply

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