Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun Korean Lesson Trip 6N7D

Menarik bukan!~

I am soooo tempted to try this but NO cheap ticket from Air Asia during that time (as I aim for winter class, 4th session) T____T. If there is, I don't mind to spend some money on this just to experience studying in one of Korea university although only for a very short period and enjoying their culture and lifestyles while staying with Korean family.

Anyone......... interested?


  1. Akak, Year End Sale (YES) AA dh start dah..da check ke tixs?? check jgn xcheck!! :D

  2. hi, i am planning to go.... the flight ticket now is about rm1500..

  3. @ miracle - have you registered your name? mmm... RM1500 is quite expensive cos we can get around RM1000 return.

    have fun if you join this trip coz i don't think i can join this time. i have no more annual leave..hehe... are u student or already working?

  4. @hazwani - tak apply sbb x dpt tiket murah time tu and cuti pun dah tak ada :) u nak apply ke?