Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quit. Next week. Can, no?

I think my tolerance and patience level has finally reach the top notch. I could not endure it anymore. Even at one moment I just want to end my precious life. It is getting worst.

I had quit from QS job previously because I can't stand working in this hectic and stressful job. So, I spent my time working on my Iggumiyeyo business. However, last year I brave myself, take a second chance and again I apply for the same job. This coming February would be 1 year anniv. working with my current employer. I just quite impressed with myself that I could hold this long. Even my new colleague who has 8 years experience just quit from her position last November.

Actually I am planning to stay until July/ August but I don't think I can wait anymore. Though the salary + incentive they paid is quite decent but I am not happy at all. In dilemma right now, I wish I could finalize my decision today.

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  1. It's truly a dilemma when caught in that situation right... like shall I keep doing this,paid is good,job is good,but I'm not happy... But the job that makes me happy couldn't really provides for me....but I'm happy..... Heor,I just add more confusion only. >_<!

    Anyway,what's the next plan akak? Kalo bukak company, sila la gaji sy ni (muka xmalu betul) ..... Wish u allll the best in everything u did & will do