Thursday, June 4, 2009

Book Cover

Salam semua.

Another customize book cover ordered from Rozy.

She wants it to be in black,pink and purple. Sekbaik ada kaler-kaler ni.
So, instead of jahit 'bodo-bodo' je, I try to patch the fabrics.

First, I don't really like the result of my patching fabrics, but after everything completed, I think the patched book cover is not bad maybe because of the pink colours. *wink*

This book cover is for Notebook A5 size.


The price is lil' bit different RM20.
(Harga berubah mengikut saiz book cover)

Thanks Rozy. Hope you'll satisfied with my work.

Interested with this book cover, just email me at


  1. very cute and nicely done.
    u're really good in crafting things like this.
    very creative indeed.
    sure rozy will be happy :)