Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book Covers


Hope all of you are in a good mood today coz I am right now.
Just finish everything - sewing the bookmarks, packaging and bla..bla..

So, have a look on the book covers ordered by Miss BeauBargain @ Miss Ayu, Miss Dayang and Kak Husna (Miss too. Hehe..)

Hope all of you like the book cover.

This is Miss BeauBargain's book cover.
" BerryButton"
The size is for Alaf21 novels.

This is book cover for Dayang with cupcake bookmark.
This book cover, the size is 13cm x 20cm. A lil big for Alaf21 novels.

And this is for Kak Husna.
Just a simple book cover for her. And I sewn her name inside.

I have one more book cover left. If you are interested to buy the book cover, email me at feltcabin@yahoo.com. Since the bookmark is not done yet, you can put your name on the bookmark or etc. Just let me know.

Thank you Misses.

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