Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can you guess what is this?

Yum yum!~~

Hello crafters! Hello readers!

These days, I'm not interested to play with felt anymore. It's not that I don't have the time, I do have plenty but it just.... after so long, I found it's not interesting anymore. Haish~~

Besides, it's been months or maybe 5 months since I last sewing felt. Therefore, to start again take quite lot of effort from me (not only sewing but to write again is hard to do). I did take small orders but sometimes I have to force myself to finish it because... I'm not interested with felt anymore. Huhu....

Ok. Stop.

So, I wanna share something with you. Actually, it is 98% completed. Maybe need to force myself again. So, while waiting for the 100% finish product, can you guess what it is I'm trying to do?


  1. Is it a tissue box cover..?

    Sometime all you need is a little perspective..Once I lost my sewing mojo.. nothing helped, then one day.. I rearranged my sewing room and found a quilt UFO hidden away in the corner.. I got excited and immediately started working on it.. :)

  2. @mybotang : err.. ada unsur2 tissue ^^

    i'll try. skrang ni mnjahit tepi katil and semua sewing stuffs b'sepah2. mungkin kena kemas-kemas-kemas. baru rajin sikit.

    tq sis ^^