Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ajushii 아저씨 is middle-aged man.

Have been holding myself from sharing this song and video of them, Shinhwa 신화 since 16th May 2013 because the choreography is too.....much. Kekeke.... Our (me and others Shinhwa Changjo 신화 창조 - Shinhwa's fan) six good looking middle-aged men. Calling them oppa is a bit weird, ajushii suits them the best.

And this song title 그래 which I heart the most because of the lyrics. Not a lovey dovey song...


" Don’t stop keep going and going. I can’t stop won’t stop keep moving and moving. I already came too far to stop right here. I am looking into the future at a higher end. Don’t ever give up your dream" - Andy 앤디, 신화

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