Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Map] Hello Kitty Cafe, Hongdae

So, at this hour (12.15am) I am playing with NaverMap application which I have installed on my tab like ages ago. With limited K-vocab, only now I succeed on how to make the blue line color visible on map.

Starting point is from Exit 9 of Hongdae Station Line 2 (green color) and Hello Kitty Cafe is somewhere located at place marked with No. 7 (look at the dotted line)., I might use this map later. Hope it will bring us to the right place with minimum chances of getting lost. Look easier to locate the location on plan but who knows. Haha... Actually there are 3 places I plan to visit on this map which I will share in the next post.

For those who can read Hangul, install NaverMap for your future use :)

Edit :
출발 - starting point, departure
도착 - arrive
헬로키티 카페- Hello Kitty Cafe

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  1. It's a bit hidden among the buildings, but u're gonna find it.Femes kan.. Paling tidak pun,kalau hilang arah,tny je dorg ' Hello Kitty Cafe?' grenti dorg tunjuk. Jgn sia-siakan keramahan & kebaikkan hati org Korea. Dorg baik,willing to help..just jgn duk speaking2 sgt,nt dorg cuak,tp kalau yg boleh speaking,no probs! all the best!!