Thursday, October 21, 2010

12 Pencil Cases, 3 Different Designs

Hello and Salam everyone ^o^

Sorry for the lack of update lately.I have been occupied with personal matters these days. Besides, I'm still trying to finish orders in the list.

So, today I wanna share my work made for Jesslyn. Actually I received this order before 'Eid Mubarak. She asked me to make 12 pencil cases with 3 different designs as you can see in the pictures below.

All materials was provided by her including the label (I'm not using my o.s.t label as requested), I just used my 'not-so-skill' skill to make it real. I love both colors of the polkadot fabrics, soft and dark purple.

Out of three (3) designs, I like the second design!! Combination of small and big polkadot with some lace. Just nice. And the idea to combine the fabrics is also by Jesslyn. Perhaps one day if I'm free and 'rajin' enough, I would like to make something with this design. Hmm... tissue pouch, maybe? Though I'm not using tissue (I'm not the type who is always carrying tissue in my bag).

And, here comes the pictures....

First design : Boxxy Pouch
Second design : Should I named these as Double Polkadot??

Third design : Simple Pencil Case

Ready to go
Thank you Jesslyn.