Monday, October 11, 2010

Officially Graduated, Peace!!


Can you see what number we were trying to show? Seven @ 7. Yes, that's right. We are from batch 7 and there are around 60++ students in my batch but some of them could not make it that day. But still we had lots of fun!!

Can you find me in the picture?? Hehe...

Maybe some of you never meet me personally or even virtually because as long as I could remember, I never put up my pictures in this blog. I have completed my studies on April 2010 which is quite long, but I just officially graduated on 2 October 2010. If some people was busy because of 101010 Ben 10, then I was busy with 021010. I spend quite a lot of money for my convocation day and totally I'm broke now. Huu~~

Hmm... Just wanna share my happiness moments in my life with all of you *smile*.

Yours truly ^o^

Ayah and Emak ^o^
Thank you very much for your love, support and doa'


Hehe.. Peace again and again

Next... Master maybe?? Oh! Big NO NO NO to Master.



  1. salam jaja,

    congaratulation dah grad....

  2. Salam, Congratulations on your graduation Jaja! Tengok pics ni terkenang 4 tahun saya di sana lebih 10 tahun dulu...banyak kenangan di Gombak ni...I wish I could go back n do my Masters there,now that I'm in different uni I know that my degree alma mater is the best! Love your craft too dik :)

  3. @as : thank you. congratulation utk cik as jugak!!

    @kak ani: thank u :)

    @kak zura: waaah! super duper senior nih!! thank u kak zura. selalu intai2 kak zura punya blog tp senyap2 je la. thank u :)