Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colorful Lollipops

Hello people!! Currently I'm busy playing with colorful stuffs. I seems can't stop making more and more because of the colors. It just a simple project but the outcome is lovely, at least for me. HEHE....

Now, I think not only pink and green have captured my heart but all colors. Purple, turquoise, white, maroon, yellow etc.

"LOLLIPOP" is a suitable name for it as lollipop usually comes with cute pretty colors. When talking about lollipop, I remembered Asma' from Simple Rhyme. Previously she make Lollipop Bookmarks and I've been hypnotized since the I first time I saw the combination of different colors of paper. Hmm... I just love colors~~

It is not finish project yet. I still have something to with this Lollipops. Just wait and see ^^


  1. aww!! those are very cutelah jaja! :D hoho. tak sangka kuat jugek lolipop as hypotized org eh? btw, those lolipop tu untuk embellishment bag/pouch ke?