Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dream Comes True?? Dreams Come True??....

.... yang mana satukah?

Salam and Hello.

Well, I have my own personal blog but I don't want to write on that blog anymore. So, I choose to write it here because I think this blog is more meaningful to me. Yeah, I know. It is not a good idea to write your personal stories on your business blog. Mix up everything is not..... good!! But...

4 more days left. I am counting and I am waiting patiently for the day to show himself. I don't want to be too excited but I could not hide my feelings. I have been dreaming for this for years (since I was in primary school). I'm hoping and praying everything will be 'walking and running ' as planned.

This is one of my DREAMS for 2011. A big secret in my life and have been keeping this for almost 2 months. Only few friends know about this because it is something which is not confirm yet. One fine day.... once confirm, the secret will be revealed and it is not big secret anymore.

Annyeong ^^

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