Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIY: Laptop Cover

Hai, Hi, Hello, 안녕하세요
(Err.. in case ada Korean mistakenly drop by my blog ^o^. There was! Hehe.)

I knew I had to share this tutorial when I saw it at Living My Life On Purpose written by Shannon. I know that there are many tutorials of Laptop Cover available on the net but I think this one is totally different! It is not like normal/standard designs we have on the market - the bag's style (Bila nak simpan kita sarungkan aje tu).

This laptop cover comes with a pocket where what we just have to do is sliding it over the screen of our laptop and not to forget the most important features to hold the cover on place is the magnetic button flap.

Definitely I will try to make this for myself... one fine day in the future (a.k.a tunggu rajin ler tuu...). So, lets visit Shannon's blog HERE for full tutorial.