Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cute Emoticons, Test 123


Annyeonghaseyo :3j2:


Email :0a2: me at for any inquiries, dreamers.

:k: I am a happy bunny bumbum :1m: today.
Waeyo :8b2:
Can you recognize anything new here :8b2:

Actually, I'm testing my new emoticons installed from this lovely cute :0x2:. Super duper :0x2:. Looking for these cute emoticons for years and only today I found it. So, forgive me in advance as I am pretty sure that for couple of weeks in the future starting from today, all of my :0x2: post will be embellished with these tiny cute emoticons :39:.

Ok, see you in the next post dreamers :3u2:. I'm going out now. Have some orders to sew:1x: today. Will take plenty of :0b2: pictures once it is completed.

Hip hip :0x2:


  1. kan...

    dah jadi cam bebudak balik. tulis blog siap ngan icon cute cute bagai...

  2. boleh saya tahu link untuk emoticons yg cute2 ni?

  3. @amahmanis: ini link blognya, . link ni sebenarnya ada dekat icon blog tu ^_^

  4. macam mana nak guna lepas install

  5. cute!! jelesss!
    by the way, where did you get that cute photo frame kat sebelah kanan ni?
    nak jugak~~

    1. photo frame tu buat sendiri.ada amik dkt mana entah dah lupa.lps tu edit guna photoshop :)

  6. You have to Install GreaseMonkey first sebelum install Cute Icon tui :)