Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nabila's A4 File

Hello dear! How are you today? Since I went to bed very late last night, I'm not feeling very well today. I'm too lazy and too tired to do anything today -____-"

A request received on mid May and already posted this week. Hopefully the owner will satisfied with my work.

Ballerina is just too cute and pretty!! Will be in my next Things-to-buy List ^o^.

Stickers as embellishments

Lovely ballerina

A4 size

Thank you Nabila ^^


  1. cantik! suka tgk fabrik ballerina tu,nmpak klasik =)

  2. itulah, nampak klasik kan. dia campuran linen...

  3. thanx alot Jaja :)

    cute sangat2...hihihi..puas at sangat2 !!

    n ouhh..thanx sb bagi that flower magnet too :D

    cute !! x0x0x0x0