Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stickers as Embellishments

Why do you need to buy different types of embellishment (different shape of buttons, colors, resins etc) for your craft projects if you can get it from one piece of sticker? Why? Why? Why? 왜요?

This question suits me well. I used to buy different type of embellishments (Kalau boleh, setiap satu bentuk nak beli) but now, I would rather praise its prettiness and cuteness in my heart only when I see the cute embellishments than spent money on it. Yeah! I'm so proud of myself now because at last I know how to control my desire to buy cute embellishments (Kadang-kadang terbabas jugak :p). Furthermore, I know I won't use it later because of the 'sayangness' problem.

I loved to collect stickers when I was in third year or to be exact, during my internship period. I think I spend half of my pay on stickers and other types of embellishment. I always put my stickers properly in a box until one day, it can't fit anymore stickers. It is also a signal for me to stop buying more stickers. Therefore, I realized it is better if I use the stickers.

So, if you wanna save more, why don't you start using stickers. It is much much much cheaper and usually, one piece of sticker consists of different pictures, shapes, sizes and colors. Besides, it is more pretty and cute. You don't have to worry about the glue at the flat back area, it won't harm your work. Just apply UHU glue or "gam-pistol-yang-panas-itu" on it. But sometimes, I will soak the stickers with warm water first if I have times.

I've been meaning to share this with you earlier but writing in English is quite hard. I need one fine hour to just sitting and brain storming my oh-sleepy-brain. I know my English is not perfect but at least when the mood is there, I could reduce the "salahness". Hehe...

I do hope this info may help you to save more but in other way, its enhance your creativity. Enjoy!!

Sorry for the bad picture, too lazy to switch on the light -__-"

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