Friday, June 4, 2010

Lil' Chicky Sweet Pink Pouch

Lil' Chicky Pouch

This Lil' Chicky pouch is custom made for Maslina. Safely posted last Monday and by now should be at new home. The pouch design is plain actually without any embellishment. But from the eyes of me :p, the bag looks dull. So, I stitched some lace, buttons and add a small love charm at the top corner. Besides, I gave the M's keychain to her as a free gift too.

Once again, thank you Maslina.


  1. hye ya from Kyoto, Japan *wave*
    This pouch is very adorable.. I just love the colour combo of the bag and the sling.. and the added embellishment is kawaii indeed.. *yum*

  2. to MyBotanG

    the best part I like is the *wave* hehe...

    sambil baca your comment sambil terbayangkan buat wave.

    pink and olive green is my favourite colors ^^