Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Finally... Well can't promise anything you see now will be the same tomorrow-morrow ^o^ because once I'm tired with the layout, I'll change it again.

So, here is my latest new Iggumiyeyo's blog with apple green background. Striking colour isn't it? Sorry guys, for the time being I just love green - apple or olive both I like. Dah bosan dengan warna pink tapi masih nak ada unsur-unsur pink juga and added chocolate as Iggumiyeyo main colours.

I'm done with blog's design. Next, I have to prepare business card, simple will do. Since I'm on a very limited budget, I think I want to print it myself. I never had ones before. So lets start it now. And I need to print my own label. Glad I still have the canvas sheet. 3 more sheets I think and these will give me more than 100 pieces of labels.

Due to my re-branding, I've prepared new product which will be launch soon maybe after raya. I think I'm gonna make 2-3 more new products for Iggumiyeyo launching (launching??) HAHA.

So, thats all for now. Hopefully this Ramadhan give me more strength to make my so-many-dreams-in-the-list come true. And one more thing, actually I've imported all my previous posts from only.sweet.things Cabin to this blog because there are meaningful stories I wrote there which is the moments that I want to remember till the end of my life.

Pray for me. Wassalam.

Nota kaki 1: Masih belum bersedia nak daftarkan small business ni. Satu hari nanti yang pasti melainkan tiba-tiba terasa nak kerja office hour.

Nota kaki 2: Rasa macam nak join bazaar after raya ni. Kalau nak, bole pulun jahit bulan puasa ni.

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