Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tiles of Colorful Fridge Magnets

Hello lovelies ^^. Hows your 1st day of fasting? Mine was good Alhamdulillah and I successfully stop myself from turun padang visiting the sellers at Bazaar Ramadhan which is very very close to my home. Heaven ~~ Haha... 25 years of life, never been sooo close with any Bazaar Ramadhan before. (Jakun sekejap tengok dekat sangat -___-') And too much of 'jakuness' for me in 2011 year I think. HAHA...

So, this post is kesinambungan of previous post. I finished these fridge magnets after performing Terawikh prayer last nite. Playing with colors are soo much fun!! Thank you Ayu for your order. She's a regular customer of mine.

One, two, three, four.....

Five main colors - Blue, green, chocolate, pink & purple

40 pieces!

Close-up. I love pink!

Oh, BeauBargain is her blogshop.
Wanna get this FM for free, go shopping at BB

Handmade by me ^^

Ready to ship

Next project with this design, nak tukar jadi lavender sachet or pincushion. Hurmm... Kalau rajinlah ye...

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