Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Working Space

Having a spacious room as working space I believed is everyone's wishes. The same things happen to me. I want a spacious room where I can hide myself playing with clothes, scissor, sewing machine for hours. However, for the time being... wish is only a wish. A new house is very small with only 3 rooms all occupied by us (parent, older brother and me).

So, I did almost everything in my room - cutting, sewing, surfing, sleeping and sometime eating. Hmm... Eating while watching Korean drama on Maadu.com is heaven. Hehehe...

This is how my small table size 24" x 18" looks like with all my precious stuffs on it.

Cutting cloth for zipper bags. My laptop and sewing machine is moved to the back end of the table.

Ironing the interfacing. I did this when I am too lazy to use the iron board and the best part is I can sit and iron easily.

E to the N to the D. Bye! Thank you for reading. And if you don't mind, please share story about your working space.

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