Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oh Owl Bookmarks

Hi, hello eberibedih! How's your Raya and duit raya collection? Much, no? Little, no? Mine?? Sikit je. Hehe...

After a week of Raya's mode, let us switch on crafting's and working's mode back. I've been bitten by owl's bug weeks before Raya which as a result I made these two bookmarks. One is already sold to a return customer.

I named it {Owl}ways in Love. He's really in love with someone. Look at his eyes?? Cute isn't it?

Another one is Sleepy Owl. His hobby is sleeping day and nite. Hehe...

So, you are not reading your favorite novels alone anymore now. Mr Owls are very kind enough to be your companion after this. Hehe... Happy reading!

Note: I do also sell the bookmark hook if you wanna make it yourself. Just email me, ok.

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