Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pesta Convo UKM dan Iggumiyeyo

Date: 22-27 September 2011

**booth Cintahati Craft

I have been silent for few days as I don't have any interesting stories to share. I just posted some of my works on the previous post and there are 2 more tote bags to be completed which I don't start yet.

This week from Monday till yesterday, I was busy making more stuffs for booth at UKM's Convocation Day. This is my first attempt to bring Iggumiyeyo to the public and I feel a bit worried about that. Hopefully everything is going well.

And not to forget, many thanks to Cintahati Craft for kindly enough to 'open' her booth for us, crafters to put our products there. I wish I could be there to watch the sales. HAHA... Worried. Worried.

I do not prepare much. Some stuffs are ready made stocks such as book covers, printed polkadot felt and pretty posy headbands. Then I made zipper bags, pretty posy brooches and lollipop hairclips.

So, if you are free or will be going to UKM to celebrate anyone's convocation, please visit Cintahati Craft's booth as Iggumiyeyo's products will be display there.

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