Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NEW!! Pretty Posy Headband RM16.90

A new product in line at last!!!

Pretty Posy Headband with colorful pretty zipper flower, embellished with button and some beads. Suitable for kids and adults.

Pictures below are headbands available for SALE.

Code: Yellow purple
Code: Orange
Code: Yellow pink
Code: Baby blue
Code: Dark yellow
Code: Red
Code: Pinky yellow
Code: Green apple
Code: Choco choco

I heart zipper sooooo much! How about you?

Price at RM16.90 each, and postage RM6, kindly email me at iggumiyeyo@yahoo.com to order.


  1. nice.... kalo untuk baby under 1 year leh guna x??

  2. @miss dyela: untuk baby under 1 yr old, saya guna faric headband. lembut and stretchable

  3. @miss dyela: yup sama since proses membuatnya adalah sama ^^