Saturday, September 17, 2011

Totebag Make Your Life Easier Every Saturday

Phew~~ What a title. Hehe... Long one with 'tersirat' message. Haha...

I've once scolded a Bangladeshi worker because he didn't give me a plastic bag, instead he asked me 20 cents if I want the plastic bag. I still remembered I mengomel like this "Kalau tak nak bagi beg plastic toksah meniaga". Hohoho~~ Terasa diri adalah sangat bagus ketika itu T___T. Semasa hari kejadian, I don't know yet that Saturday is not the same day as others day.

After weeks... months... then I realized that actually Saturday is a NO PLASTIC BAG DAY!! Huahua... Katak duduk dalam tempurung memang begitu. Glad that there was nobody in the shop during that time. Kalau tidak, bikin malu sahaja. But story above is earlier this year and now I always remember that Saturday is a special day. Haha...

But one thing I always wonder, why don't they use paper bag on Saturday? Watching English movies, they use paper bag when shopping for groceries isn't? Err... tapi habis pula kena tebang pokok nak hasilkan kertas tapi ada baiknya juga sebab lebih mudah recycle.

Last but not least, the pictures show latest tote bags I made for my friends, the same person who ordered this I am A Ladygrapher tote bag. 3 tote bags with different wordings. Both I like - cupcakes and Korean words.

*Can you spot the difference between the 1st and 2nd pictures? *

Saranghaeyo ^^


  1. @schaze zainn: thanks for dropping by too ^^ err, tak sedar. dah letak dah.

  2. sgt cantik tulisan korea...hehe...1 beg harga berapa?

  3. @hana - plain bag tak ada tulisan RM35. yg ada tulisan gambar2 mcm dlm entry ni RM45-RM48. bergantung kpd tulisan dan corak tu...