Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cute Charming Charms For Sale

Hello everyone!

Thank you for coming back here but yet no new handmade crafts to share with all of you. I'm still searching for the 'sewing aura'. While waiting the aura to show himself, I would like to share some items I had found during my months of hiatus. Not much but I don't think that is the reason for not sharing with you.

Pack One
Guitar, Lil' Girl & White House
Pack Two (SOLD)
Guitar, Flowerpot, Hello Kitty
Pack Three
Lil' Girl, Blue House, Flowerpot
Pack Four (SOLD)
Guitar, Hello Kitty, Flowerpot

You can use these charms as pendant, keychains and anything as you wish. Picture's below is one of Beanipet's creation. Yeah, I know it is not the same types of charms but I think this is one of a pretty good idea on how to use these charms. To see more Jun's (Beanipet's owner) creation, visit her blog. You will surprised with her beanies. Just too adoreable!

Grab them fast before someone buy it. The price per pack is RM5.50. Email me if you are interested to buy at

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