Thursday, April 29, 2010

Decorative Pin & Pouch

Pinky Chicky Pouch

Finished this Pinky Chicky Pouch few days ago but I'm very lazy to post it though I'm playing around here for hours.

Approximate size: 20cm (l) x 14.5cm (h)

Again, this pouch was requested from my friend's sister. My friend is very good indeed in promoting my stuffs *wink*. Before, I received 2-3 tote bag orders from her sisters and I'm really thankful to be given such opportunity.

Well, move to the next chapter. Today, I would like to introduce to all my dear viewers the new Only Sweet Thing {OST} product. It is Decorative Pin (DP). The one you see in the pictures is Love Me Lot DP.

A is for Ainaa and N is for Nabila

Now you can decorate you bags, pouches, wrisles etc with this cute decorative pin.

Handmade by me ^^

"Mama, lets go shopping!!"

Last but not least, thank you!!!


  1. boleh buat cover laptop tak? hehe ;) sebab i tak suke nak tampal sticker tu, tapi lappy dah buruk, calarcalar...nnt jerit kt shoutmix i k ;)

  2. salam jaja..kalo mcm ni one set berapa? -ayu BB

  3. i na beli.
    sent details to my email
    thanks ;DD