Monday, April 26, 2010

Lil' Chicky Pink Pouch

Handmade by me ^^

Yesterday, I spend my time to finish this little pouch. This was requested by my friend's brother for his little daughter. That is the reason why I've named it Lil' Chicky Pink Pouch.

A lil' bit blur
Approximate size: 13.5cm (w) x 17 cm (h)

I really love this fabric. The soft pink color, the sweet chick design...And, what I'm regretting most is, I've only bought this for 1 meter. During that time, I don't have any ideas that it would match perfectly with the rainbow stripe. If only....

Big enough to put small book and pencils
Psst: My Korean's Word note book ^^

Embellished with yummylicious ice creams and buttons

Anyway, thank you for the order Sarah. Will posted this once another two bags finish.

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