Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Fabrics Collection

I keep on buying cute pretty fabrics since a year ago. At that time, I just bought a new sewing machine so the feelings of making something is very strong in me. Things become worst when I have my Paypal account. Since then, I've been buying fabrics from Taiwan, Japan and etc.

But... this habit of buying more and more fabrics stop when Korean bug hits me badly. I realized that I should stop buying fabrics and save more money if I wanna visit Korea one fine day. Though it is not 100% stopped, but I'm more careful and know how to control my feelings when I fall in love with new chirpy colorful fabrics.

So, these are my fabrics collection. Not much compared with other crafter but I spend A LOT on these! Sometimes, I'm regretting of buying those fabrics but in other times, I just can't keep my hands away of the fabrics. I still remember, few months back, when I have to stop sewing due to my study, I could spend hours just looking at the fabrics. I will lay them on the floor. Touch it and once I'm satisfied, I will fold and put them back in the box. See, that's how fabrics affected me a lot.

Well, thats all for now. Just feel like sharing something other than my handmade stuffs with all of you. ^^


  1. dear,
    you're not alone. as i said at tinihani's blog, almost all sewing enthusiast have the same addiction to fabric. i sometimes do that. just lie down in my sewing room..look at the fabrics collection..and it makes me happy. everyday i'll spent sometime to look at them just like they're pets or anything like that.

  2. " everyday i'll spent sometime to look at them just "

    yup, everyday. it's like habit now^^

    only sewing enthusiast know the feelings :) others might think, 'ada apa dengan kain-kain tu'

  3. same here...totally can relate..i do that ALL the time lol

    p/s: love your sewing, very cute stuff and great finishing too! :)