Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cabaran 30 : Hari 21 : Alice Curvy Clutch in Dreamland ^_^

Finally, introducing to you Dreamers... a new product in my Dreamland... ^_^ 

Alice Curvy Clutch 

Pattern is from Keyka Lou Patterns. I had a few troubles with the instructions but I found the easier ways to sew it at last and now I'm addicted to make more and more of this clutch. 


  • 4 Layers Main Body  (outer, interfacing,invisible lining & lining)
  • 4'' H x 9.5'' W (largest) 7'' W (top) x 2.5'' D
  • 9'' Wrist strap
  • Magnetic flap

Price: RM35

** postage not included


Chains wrist strap is subjected to stock availability 

Spacious room with small pocket inside


  1. sweet.. I LOVE Keyka Lou patterns..

  2. cik jalilah! sy kwn jasneyta. cantek la clutch ni. sy nakkkkkk. ni kena order dulu ke mmg dah siap.

    tlg email kat ek. tq.

  3. @Lisya - Ok, noted! Saya reserved utk kawan Jasneyta ^_^

  4. hehe. tq. (dia la yg bg link blog ni kt sy) :D