Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cabaran 30 : Hari 25: Devil Moist Chocolate Cupcake

I have to! Once I put it into my mouth... I am very sure that I must share this. One of the best delicious moist chocolate cupcake I have tried. Very moist and not too sweet. Just suit my taste!! 

With some chocolate topping
Blur picture, sorry. But I want to show the moistness of the cake
For more details of the price, please call Pn. Siti Delima
Mom bought this yummy cupcakes home from someone's wedding. For those who are still looking for affordable goodies for your wedding's reception or party, I suggest you this cupcake. Yummeh! Err... I try to find more info about this Puan, but I couldn't find any, blog or FB. So, just call her directly. And one more thing, I don't know her by person. 

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