Sunday, December 29, 2013

Easy way to go to Gosami Grilled Fish

I went there 3 times with 3 different people, Taiwanese, Japanese and Malaysian. All with different methods by taxi, subway and walking from Dongkyodong Samgeori which is in between Sinchon and Hongdae. Every time we went there, we couldn't find Gosami without performing 'tawaf' 2-3 rounds first. Aish...

On my third time, on the way back to guesthouse, I tried to remember the landmark. So, here we go...

Direction to Gosami:
  1. Subway Green Line 2, Sinchon. Take Exit 1.
  2. From Exit 1, just walk straight until you found Waffle Bant on your right hand side. (please take note,shops in Seoul tend to change to another in short period)
  3. There is an alley (lorong), turn right into that alley.
  4. Keep walking straight until you pass by 'padang sekolah'.
  5. Continue walking until you found GS25 Mart and 7-11 at cross junction.
  6. Turn left, walk a lil' bit and tadaaa... Gosami is there!
The map, almost 500m from Exit 1

Waffle Bant at the corner & turn right into this alley

Padang sekolah (tak nampak padangnya dekat atas tu)

GS25 Mart and 7-11 


  1. this restaurant serves pork...i wonder how many muslim customers who can't read/understand korean had their meal at this place

    1. TQ for your concern :). From your comment above, I assumed you are non-muslim.

      I think most of us muslim do realized about pork being served in almost restaurant in Korea. But in Islam, there are like so-called 'guidelines' we could take into account in considering what/ where/conditions we can have our meal.

      If you are non-muslim from Malaysia and understand Malay, I wish I could share few video; explanation by our religious person regarding this matter. So that you can understand a bit about my religion :) However if you can't understand Malay, perhaps you can google for English explanation.

      Here are few videos you can listen to:




  2. sy tgk second video, ustz cakap makanan yg disediakan diyakini bercampur, jatuh haram. dalam kes ats ni restoran tu diyakini serves pork. bercampur la kan sis, mohon pencerahan. nak mkn, tp masih tiada pencerahan

  3. Kalau restaurant tu serve pork..mmg i xkn pgla jawabnye..makanan dh jafi was2..dh jatuh baik elakkan aje..x rugi pon..

  4. Still dapur yg same utk masak pork tu...still haram kan?mcm kes cadbury dlu...disbbkan 1 je yg disiasat de dna babi...sume cadbury x bley mkn smpai la jakim wat kajian semula

  5. Klu dh bercampur dapur..still haram la kan...